Clinic & Research and A. W. Clausen Memorial


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In 2012, UCSF Memory and Aging Center moved to the Sandler Neurosciences Center in Mission Bay, and in 2014 I created two permanent installations for the new building.

Clinic & Research was the culminating project of my two-year Hellman Visiting Artist Fellowship (2009–2011.) The wall drawing is a timeline of selected UCSF Neurology accomplishments, and incorporated into the timeline are 2 monitors displaying video I collected or filmed from neuroscience experiments and clinical activities at UCSF (left-hand monitor) and actual data I collected from researchers ranging from fMRI and EEG brain imaging to microscopic images of worms to eyetracking and virtual reality tasks (monitor on right).

A.W. Clausen Memorial, 2014,
A.W. “Tom” Clausen was a founding supporter of the UCSF Memory and Aging Center and established the A.W. & Mary Margaret Clausen Distinguished Professorship in Neurology, awarded to Bruce L. Miller, MD, in 1998. The installation at the MAC expresses the clinic’s gratitude towards Mr. Clausen in the form of a slideshow of his life and family (left-hand monitor) and a progression of historical scenes of San Francisco and UCSF.

You can see the installations in person here:
Sandler Neurosciences Center
675 Nelson Rising Lane
San Francisco, CA 94158

Fabrication and installation assistance was provided by AFX Milwaukee, Brent Gentile, Veronica Velasquez, Caroline Latham

Photos and video footage courtesy of the Clausen family, UCSF Library Archive and Susan Merrell. San Francisco footage courtesy of Prelinger Archives/Internet Archive

Additional Acknowledgements:
Art Committee for Neuroscience
Department of Neurology
Center for Integrated Neuroscience
Institute for Neurodegenerative Diseases

Andrew Barnecut
Rosalie Gearhart
Victor Laluz
Susan Merrell
Lisa Mezzacappa
Bruce Miller
Jyoti Mishra Ramanathan
Cesar Rubio
Indre Viskontas
Clausen family
Hellman family