The Forgetting Curve


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The Forgetting Curve, 2006-2018
Divibiss JD-7 Random Reminders, cameras, documents and prototype cards used in the project.

Between 2006-2018, I performed a version of a 20th century psychology experiment, with myself as the subject. My project, “The Forgetting Curve” (named after the cognitive psychology term for the rate of decay of a memory) was inspired by W.F. Brewer’s 1988 “Memory for Randomly Sampled Autobiographical Events.” Every other month from 2007-2017, I wore a vintage Divilbiss Random Reminder for all of my waking hours, taking a photograph and documenting my thoughts and actions on a 3’ x 5” card in response to the beeper’s random prompts (usually between 3-8 per day.)