Nostalgia for the Future September 11, 2010 – October 23, 2010

Nostalgia for the Future was a solo exhibition of drawings and two sculptures at Edward Cella Art + Architecture in Los Angeles.

From the press release:
The exhibition presents Aschheim’s singular drawings and architectural installations of eccentric modernist landmarks of Southern California that embody a discourse about memory, place, and the unfulfilled promises of our future. Aschheim’s art reflects her passion for L.A.’s quirky modernist icons that are quickly vanishing in front of our eyes like treasured family members. These structures, formerly the symbols of Southern California’s utopian dreams, are now forlorn and crumbling commercial towers, buildings and centers.

  To Aschheim, iconic post-war era architecture like the Capital Records Building or architect Peter J. Holdstock’s Fine Arts Building and Science Hall at Ambassador College in Pasadena, are for the most part treated as unacclaimed monuments of a distant era, a visual gulf between “then” and “now”. At the intersection of two worlds – the elusive, private space of memory and the contested space of bodies and the built environment – Aschheim attempts to inscribe the faded optimism and loss encoded in each building; suggesting her own changed relationship to time.