Building as Body

 University of Southern Maine, Gorham and Portland, Maine


Building as Body was the product of my spring 2007 visiting artist residency at the University of Southern Maine. I collaborated with art students, biology students and a professor of developmental neurobiology to investigate the metaphor of "building as body."


For my visiting artist project, I built an installation for the Art department and one for the Science building, which were located on campuses in different towns, nine miles apart. The students produced videos for each campus that conceptually and thematically linked the two spaces: the installation in Robie Hall, the Art building in Gorham, included time lapse movies of cell development that were created by biology students as part of their experiments, and the installation in the lobby of the Bioscience building in Portland played hand drawn animations and other videos that made a connection with the arts.   The students made a project website that included all the videos, unfortunately that has not been maintained but still images from the temporary installation remain in the University’s collection.